A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android


 I’m looking for feedback and collaborators. Any assistance with testing, design, audio, animation, or coding would really help get the small game to the next stage. Credit given accordingly.

This game is currently ongoing development in all aspects, including mechanics, balance, design and animation.

Flower Power is a psychedelic tile matching puzzler where players define paths to clear matching flowers.

Alpha notes:

  • Any reporting of bugs is much appreciated and will be prioritised for active players
  • Leaderboard is local/offline only
  • PC/Mac: The "Game Over" state will only occur when there are no matches on the board. This currently will not trigger in the event of matches with impossible paths. You can restart by pausing (Esc or P)


Flower Power - Windows 26 MB
Flower Power - OSX 26 MB
Flower Power - Android 30 MB

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